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Focus Stories

HLC Wellness

by Susan Shalhoub

Featured Photo from HLC Wellness

HLC Wellness of Lake Mary – which began as a smoking-cessation laser treatment facility 12 years ago – always strives to offer its clients more. Since Mark Marino, Ken Marino, and Melissa Morgan started the business, they have taken the time to research, seek feedback, and look for new, effective ways to help clients with goals like quitting smoking, losing weight, rejuvenating their skin, and improving their health. 

The common factor among all these services – under the guidance of board-certified medical director Dr. Michael E. Dillehay – is a gentle, non-invasive methodology and mission to help HLC clients live better lives. 

So what’s the latest HLC addition? It’s the Lake Mary Salt Room, right inside the HLC Wellness facility on St. Charles Court off Rinehart Road. 

Salt: The Natural Healer

The team at HLC Wellness knows many potential clients may not be aware of the benefits of salt treatments. The Lake Mary Salt Room is packed with imported Himalayan salt, filling the floor like sand on a beach, complete with zero-gravity lounge chairs so clients can lay back and relax. Salt lines the walls and permeates the air in the room, as well, creating a naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory detoxifier. 

All Salt Room visitors have to do is step inside, get comfortable, take a deep, calming breath – and the respite begins. 
As salt enters the room as microscopic particles in an airborne mist, clients with issues like asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, or even a common cold get relief. What makes dry salt therapy effective is the purity of the sodium chloride (NaCl). The purer the salt, the more percentage of sodium chloride, the more super absorbent, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial the salt will be. Pure sodium chloride is naturally mined salt that eliminates all the trace elements, minerals, dirt, and debris so you are left with 99.99% pure sodium chloride, and that’s what fills the air in the HLC Wellness Salt Room.

Adults and children can both benefit from the salt room. HLC Wellness even provides pails and shovels so little ones can experience the wellness benefits of salt while playing in it like they’re at the beach.

The Full Gamut of Health

Before designing and establishing the Lake Mary Salt Room, HLC Wellness already had a well-earned reputation as a one-stop resource for clients’ wellness needs. 

Body sculpting, hypnosis, facials, waxing services, and massage are all offered under one roof. The facility has many, many stories of patients finding happiness and better health at HLC Wellness.

For those seeking to get rid of stubborn areas of fat, for example, HLC Wellness researched and now trains other clinicians in a no-injection body sculpting process called Angelic Lift, which both melts fat and tightens skin. Mark himself got the treatment before his honeymoon last year.

What sets HLC Wellness apart is not only its range of quality services and its evolution over the past decade, but also the fact that its owners share experiences with their clients. 

Mark, Ken, and Melissa are all former smokers. When Melissa’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, it was a wake-up call for them all to quit. They chose the laser-treatment route and never looked back. All three understand firsthand the challenges that come with quitting or making other important life changes.

The team works individually with clients to help them determine what technique might work best to reach their goals, whether it is laser smoking cessation, addressing fears via hypnosis, an infrared body wrap to combat cellulite, or HLC’s no-cut body sculpting to minimize problem areas. Solutions are customized for each client and their specific needs.

HLC Wellness and its dedicated staff welcome you to try the Lake Mary Salt Room for just $25 for your first visit. Block off 45 minutes and get ready for salt’s healing properties to improve your breathing, sinus issues, and flaky skin. Clients can arrange for a massage or facial in the salt room, too, maximizing the benefits of their visit with a spa service in a healing, restful environment.

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