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Focus Stories

Jeffrey B. Campbell, State Farm Insurance 2021

by Chip Colandreo

Featured Photo from Jeffrey B. Campbell, State Farm Insurance 2021

Our fears of COVID are finally starting to ease, but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of things to worry about. Hurricane season will have no sympathy for the stress of the last 16 months. Neither will any of the threats we put on the back burner to deal with the coronavirus crisis that’s been gobbling up all our attention.

There is a way to enjoy more peace of mind, though, especially at a time when peace of mind is at a premium. To allay fears old and new, we must protect the people and things that are most dear to us – probably more dear than they’ve ever been before.

Just as he’s been for the last 32 years, State Farm Insurance agent Jeffrey B. Campbell is here to help.

“Up is finally up and down is finally down again,” Jeffrey says of the new normal we’re beginning to embrace, “but it’s a different up than it was before. People’s priorities are changing, and we’re seeing it every day here in the office.”

During the pandemic, our homes became our havens in a whole new way. Many homeowners took the opportunity to make improvements or renovations, and now that hurricane season is bearing down on us once again, Jeffrey’s clients – brand-new customers and those who’ve been with him for decades – are eager to reevaluate their homeowner’s coverage. Ditto for their cars, boats, or other personal property.

But something else is happening at Jeffrey’s office on the corner of Tuskawilla Road and Aloma Avenue. Clients are coming to Jeffrey to address more intangible concerns.

“COVID taught us just how fragile everything can be,” Jeffrey says. “Not just our things, but our health and even our lives. It’s our mission to help people protect what matters most, and the pandemic put that into a whole new light for just about everyone.”

State Farm has always been well-known – and highly regarded – for its property insurance programs, but now Jeffrey is fielding more questions than ever about the life insurance and even health insurance products available at his office. It’s often been said that life insurance is the most valuable gift someone can give their family, but thoughts of what will happen if tragedy strikes are too easy to stuff in the backs of our minds.

“Nobody wants to talk about it, but for the last year-and-a-half, it’s been hard to talk about anything else,” Jeffrey says. “We all work so hard to control our lives as best we can, but sometimes you get a reminder that you’re not in control at all. It’s frustrating, and it’s scary. There is something we can do about it, though. We can take care of the people that matter to us most. Like I said, that’s what we’re here for.”

Community Reconnection
Thousands of Oviedo and Winter Springs residents trust Jeffrey and his team to protect their families, and that trust has been earned over decades of Jeffrey’s service in the community. The pandemic disrupted a lot of things, but he was determined not to let it derail his commitment to give back any way he can.

Much of Jeffrey’s community service comes via the Rotary Club of Oviedo, where he’s been an active member for many years. 2020 should have been a banner year for the Club – its 50th anniversary – but COVID had other plans.

Undeterred, the 2020-2021 president of the Oviedo Rotary Club, Shirley Range, was adamant that the Club and the community not miss out on the chance to celebrate everything the organization has done for Oviedo during the last half-century, and she knew just who to tap to bring that celebration to life.

“I didn’t have time to help,” Jeffrey laughs, “but I wasn’t about to tell Shirley no. We all worked hard to celebrate our 50th anniversary as best we could, and I think we did. By May of this year, things were easing up a bit, so we were able to have our big end-of-the-Rotary-year luau event to say thank-you to the community and to our many supporters over         the years.”

At that event, Shirley surprised Jeffrey with the Rotarian of the Year award for his dedicated service during a year like no other.

“When times are tough,” Jeffrey says, “all we can do is be there for each other. That’s what we do in this community.”

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