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Focus Stories

Oviedo Eye Care

by Susan Shalhoub

Featured Photo from Oviedo Eye Care

Family-owned and operated Oviedo Eye Care has a long history of serving patients in Central Florida. 

The independent practice is owned by board-certified optometrist Dr. Robert Webster. Since 1997, Oviedo Eye Care has provided the community with skilled, licensed opticians, board-certified optometrists, specialists in contact lenses, optical sales and more. 

Now, the practice has welcomed a new member to its team who will further strengthen its ability to serve patients with quality, comprehensive eye care. 

New team member Licensed Optician Ray Ramsdell – Oviedo Eye Care’s new office manager – is certainly no stranger to helping patients improve their vision or keep diseases of the eye in check. With 45 years of industry experience, Ray, a Central Florida native, is from a long line of opticians. He is the fifth generation in his family to be involved in the field. 

“To a lot of people around here, that’s important,” says Ray, with his family’s long-standing tradition within the field showing a commitment to care. With more than four decades of experience in the industry, Ray understands the ins and outs of optometry and how best to serve patients. Ray and the other experts at Oviedo Eye Care stay on top of the latest techniques in eye care and information on eye conditions. One such example is eyeglass-lens technology, such as blue-light filters that are universally beneficial to patients’ vision – especially here in Florida’s sunshine. 

“Since the filters are anti-reflective, they help a patient see better because there is no reflection to cause aberrations,” says Ray. “The filters are also invisible, so cosmetically, it looks good.”

With the vast knowledge offered by Dr. Webster, Ray, and the rest of the team – paired with an expansive and regularly updated selection of eyeglass frames and contact-lens options – Oviedo Eye Care patients can expect the most comprehensive service and individualized attention.  

“Oviedo Eye Care is full-service,” says Stacie Hart, the office manager and licensed optician at the company’s Port St. John location. “We offer eye exams, diagnosis, vision prescriptions – whatever our clients might need. We are a one-stop shop.” 
The addition of Ray at the Oviedo office guarantees continued quality of care for patients in need of exams, prescription checks, disease diagnosis, condition treatment or trusted referrals. 

Eye-opening service array
Comprehensive eye exams put a patient’s cornea, eyelids, and conjunctiva front and center. Appointments include visual-acuity measurements, focus analysis and a full review of patient health history. The thorough examination can reveal conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. 

“Some eye conditions don’t produce symptoms, but can be detected by an eye-care professional,” says Ray. “This makes regular eye exams of utmost importance.” Measuring eye pressure with the “puff-of-air” test can show high eye pressure – sometimes a sign of glaucoma.

Professional eye examinations can also offer insight into other conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 
Vision correction headquarters Oviedo Eye Care has myriad resources to help its patients see as well as they possibly can. High-index lenses, for example, are thin and light. Progressive lenses don’t have the lines that traditional bifocals or trifocals do, but offer the same correction. Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof – making them a great choice for children.

And if patients want to know if LASIK is an appropriate route for them? Dr. Webster, Ray, and the rest of the staff are with them all the way, presenting patients with information to help them make the right choice, recommending a local surgeon, and providing the pre-op exam and post-op care if needed. 

Dr. Webster, Ray, and the top-notch Oviedo Eye Care team look forward to new-patient appointments, and welcome longtime patients back as well. Whether you need a symptom checked out, a vision test, a routine eye exam, or if you’re just stopping by to pick up a new supply of disposable contact lenses, the Oviedo Eye Care family is always happy to see you. 

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