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Focus Stories

SPENGA Altamonte Springs

by Jill Cousins

Featured Photo from SPENGA Altamonte Springs

Altamonte Springs resident Margaret “Peg” Kithcart has always been active and athletic, but like many of us, she found herself falling into some bad habits – eating too much and not exercising enough – while self-quarantining for most of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, this fall, her daughter discovered a new fitness studio in Altamonte called SPENGA and suggested that her mom give it a try.

“My mom has worked out her whole life,” says Peg’s daughter Kara Rountree, a real-estate photographer who joined SPENGA on on September 14,  the very day it opened. “So I thought this would be a good way to get her out of the house during quarantine, and it would also give us a chance to spend time with each other.”

Peg loved the idea, and after giving the SPENGA experience a try, she was hooked.

“I loved it,” says Peg, a physical therapist and former aerobics instructor. “I would recommend it to anyone who feels they want a challenging, motivating, and exhilarating workout.”

At SPENGA, located in the Outback Plaza on State Road 434 at Jamestown Boulevard, members get a unique and unrivaled fitness experience. Each one-hour session combines three essential elements of fitness: cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training.

Each session at the sparkling-clean SPENGA Altamonte Springs studio combines spinning, weight training, and yoga  giving every member a full-body workout, regardless of their age or fitness level. The company was founded in Illinois in 2015, and the Altamonte Springs location is the first in Central Florida.

SPENGA Altamonte Springs owner Nilza Ramos-Williams, a retired NASA software engineer, discovered the concept a few years ago and thought it would be the perfect venture to take on with her attorney husband Vernon.

“We were looking for a project we could do together,” she says, “and we wanted to do something different – something that would help us and help many other people.”

In addition to the Altamonte Springs location, Nilza and Vernon plan to open studios in Windermere, Winter Garden, and the Dr. Phillips area in the near future.

“Joining SPENGA is like having three memberships in one,” Nilza says. “You get a great workout from head to toe. We already have so many loyal members, and they love it. In just the first two months, people have already lost weight, and they’re feeling great. Instead of feeling exhausted after a workout, they go home feeling rejuvenated.”

As soon as you walk into the SPENGA studio, you notice the difference. Staff members use state-of-the-art technology to clean every piece of equipment between sessions. The smell of invigorating aromatherapy and upbeat pulsating music fills the air. Those elements create a modern spa-like atmosphere to enhance the experience for all SPENGA members.

“We have people of different ages and different fitness levels in each session,” Nilza says, “and they are all working out together. You might be working out next to an Olympic athlete or a person who never exercised in their life, and they can both have an outstanding workout. They are all meeting new people, losing weight, and becoming healthier.”

Sessions are always led by a highly trained instructor. During COVID, the sessions are limited to 12 members. The workout begins with a 20-minute heart-pumping, low-impact spin class, followed by a 20-minute high-intensity strength workout utilizing a variety of equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls.The session concludes with a 20-minute yoga workout, starting with strength-driven movements and transitioning into deep flexibility movements to cool down the body.

“I come here four or five times a week to get in my stretching, my high-intensity training, and my spin,” Peg says. “It’s a tough workout, but it’s fun, and the instructors are so motivating.”

SPENGA Altamonte Springs offers a variety of memberships to fit every budget. Between four and six sessions are offered daily, six days a week, and members sign up in advance through SPENGA’s website or app.

For more information, go to or call 407-284-3900.       

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