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Focus Stories

Weeks Orthodontics

by Chip Colandreo

Featured Photo from Weeks Orthodontics

As a youngster growing up in late-1970s Tuscawilla, Travis Weeks remembers riding his bike from Keeth Elementary School to make his dentist appointments. The modern world is a very different place, for better or worse, so Dr. Weeks doesn’t expect his young patients to bike to his Weeks Orthodontics offices today, but that doesn’t mean he can’t bring an exceptional orthodontic experience closer to them.

That’s precisely the inspiration behind the new Weeks Orthodontics office in Oviedo, directly across the street from both Partin Elementary and Lawton Chiles Middle School.

“Society has changed, so orthodontics, dentistry, and healthcare in general needs to change with it,” says Dr. Weeks. “People need convenience today. We need to come to them, and that’s what we’re doing. We built this office so that our patients could literally walk from school to their appointments. That’s more convenient for them – and their parents, too.”

Home Away from Home... But Still Close to Home

The new Oviedo location is actually the first office Dr. Weeks and his team have designed and built from scratch, and the office’s ambiance is earning even more rave reviews than its super-convenient location.

“Patients are telling us it feels like walking into someone’s living room, and that’s exactly how we want them to feel,” says Dr. Weeks, whose practice has for years been known as Smith & Weeks Orthodontic Specialists. The chic new Oviedo office is the first to feature the updated Weeks Orthodontics branding. “I wanted everything to feel soothing and serene, but it’s the combination of form and function that makes this space special.”

Parents can relax in the cool-blue waiting area and enjoy coffee or other treats. There they’ll find a colorful plank wall that Dr. Weeks and practice COO Lindsey Boss installed themselves. In fact, every piece of decor in the office is locally sourced. As young patients go back into the treatment area, parents are welcome to join them and settle onto friendly benches with plenty of pillows. There’s even a rustic barn door to hammer home the cozy-country theme.

When kids walk over after school, they’ll find a dedicated space to get some homework done before or after treatment, meaning parents don’t have to rush or rearrange the whole family’s schedule just to get an office visit in.

“Making an orthodontics appointment shouldn’t feel like a problem,” says Dr. Weeks. “We want to fit into your life, not turn it upside down.”

Team Weeks Will Travel

The Oviedo office is the third Weeks Orthodontics location, joining the Maitland office and the original Winter Springs location. But, there’s nothing satellite about any of these offices. In fact, the entire staff and all the essential tools and portable equipment travel with Dr. Weeks as he sets up shop at each location. Each office features – quite literally – everything patients enjoy and expect at the other locations.

“This keeps our overhead low, which keeps costs down for our patients,” says Dr. Weeks. “But more importantly than that, it makes the orthodontic experience equally excellent no matter where our patients choose to see us. Convenience shouldn’t come with sacrifice. We’ve worked hard to make sure we offer consistently great care at all of our offices.”

In other words, the same smiling faces, the same invaluable experience, and the same picture-perfect results are waiting for you wherever it’s most convenient for you to go. There’s a reason Weeks Orthodontics sports a perfect 5.0 rating on its Google reviews. It’s an orthodontic experience worth driving for, only you don’t have to drive very far at all.

“This community means everything to me,” says Dr. Weeks. “I want to serve it the best way I can, and this is the very best way I know how.”

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