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The Lifeline

Bringing you the best local stories in and around our community.

A Shot in the Arm

Featured Photo from A Shot in the Arm

When the upcoming Oviedo Medical Center formed its inaugural Board of Trustees, the hospital tapped Oviedo and Winter Springs residents to serve. OWSL caught up with four of these tireless advocates to discuss how the new Medical Center will change the landscape of our community forever – and for the better.

Oviedo ER was the start. The adjacent 64-bed Oviedo Medical Center, scheduled to open in early 2017, is next, but it won’t be the end. Together with Oviedo on the Park, the new hospital will spur public and private development all along Mitchell Hammock Road and beyond.

Even better, nearly everyone who will run the new hospital and those who are making the critical decisions about its development are residents of our community, making the Oviedo Medical Center a community hospital in every sense of the word.

David Duda

Board Chair, and President and CEO of A. Duda and Sons, Inc.

“I’d be lying if I told you I’m not equal parts excited and terrified of being the chairman of the Board of Trustees,” laughs David Duda, current patriarch of one of the community’s founding families. “Several of my close relatives lived on the land where the hospital is being built. That land meant an awful lot to members of our family. We are very proud of the way it has been put to use, and everyone agrees it will be a great amenity to the community. If the land couldn’t stay in the family homesteads, then this was an awfully good use for it.

“Remembering the way things used to be, but also now seeing the progress that is being made, is making a very real difference for the city of Oviedo and the Greater Oviedo area. It will be the catalyst for more jobs and commercial activity that will give us a more balanced tax base and a good mix of businesses.”

Dominic Persampiere

Mayor, City of Oviedo

“Having been involved in the process of getting a hospital in Oviedo since back in 2000, it’s really special to serve on the board,” says Mayor Persampiere. “The impact that this facility is going to have on Oviedo will be profound over the years. We are actually going to create a medical corridor up and down State Road 426 and Red Bug Lake Road. This is just the tip of the iceberg. What this will spin off over time is more and more doctors’ offices coming to town, more jobs being created, and more folks coming for care at the hospital.

“This will also have a huge impact on the service industry in the city. The mall will feel the impact. Housing will feel the impact. Oviedo on the Park will feel the impact. We are truly thankful that it’s getting off the ground after many, many years of planning and envisioning with our residents.

“The hospital alone creates 300 jobs. What folks have to realize is that the hospital can expand to 120 beds. This is just the beginning. You have to crawl before you walk, but we’re about to stand up and run.”

Lars White

Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director, City of Oviedo

“Having grown up here in town, it was quite an honor to be asked to serve on the Board of Trustees,” says Chief White. “What we’re doing right now with the hospital CEO and staff is vetting out critical components of the hospital regulatory requirements and policies and procedures. Every conversation in our board meeting is about quality and putting patients first.

“Because of my career in fire and emergency medical services for more than 30 years, I know what it takes to get patients delivered and treated in hospitals further away. Adding a full-service hospital this close significantly improves the chances of survival. The quicker we can diagnose and reverse a critical medical condition, the better the long-term care outcome for the patient. We used to deliver patients 20 to 30 minutes to out-of-area hospitals. Now, within 10 minutes, we’re arriving at the doorstep of the Oviedo ER and soon the Oviedo Medical Center. The free-standing ER was a good way to get it started, but the hospital is the next critical component because it significantly expands the level of care that will be afforded through that hospital.”

Rick Lee

President and CEO, Citizens Bank of Florida

“From the city and the bank’s perspective, what we’re seeing is an increased interest in the property use around the hospital,” says Rick, referring to the economic impact of the upcoming hospital that is already being felt in the community. “There’s been some movement from other medical facilities and doctors, at least poking around and looking at properties near and around the hospital. As the hospital comes to maturity, I think there will be increased interest in moving medical facilities around it, which is typically what happens.

“I remember when my own son broke his arm at a Little League game. It was nearly 20 years ago, and my son was 8 or 9. It took so long to get to Winter Park for medical care. It wasn’t severe enough to call an ambulance, but the commute time was so long, and I’ll never forget carrying him in. That won’t happen now.

“As a fourth-generation resident growing up in Oviedo, I am very committed to this community, and I look forward to working with the doctors and hospital staff.”

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