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A Weight Loss Success Story – Five Questions with Pam Czopp

Featured Photo from A Weight Loss Success Story – Five Questions with Pam Czopp

Lake Mary Life account representative Pam Czopp shares her experience on a weight loss program with Nuviva Medical Weight Loss Clinic Of Lake Mary.

Are you trying to get the weight off and keep it off? That’s exactly what Lake Mary Life account representative Pam Czopp had been trying to do for a long time. Too long, she says.

“It had been years upon years of gaining weight. I had been on probably every program that exists, but nothing really worked long term. About a year ago, I decided I needed to find the right approach to finally getting my weight down.”

In February of 2016, Pam found Nuviva Medical Weight Loss Clinic Of Lake Mary and committed to its program. Now, 40 pounds lighter, Pam is feeling better than ever.

“Now I can buy any clothes I want because they fit!” she jokes. “ But really, I feel good about sticking to my program and seeing results. It is so worth it.”

Pam is still on the program, so I asked her to tell us more about the program.


Here are five Q&As about Pam’s experience with Nuviva Medical Weight Loss Clinic Of Lake Mary.

Why did you decide to do Nuviva’s weight loss program?

I’ve done programs before but didn’t succeed. Then I went to Nuviva in Lake Mary and the entire staff was very motivating and welcoming. I decided to start the program and was determined to lose all this weight that I gained. It wasn’t just the program I liked, Nuviva’s environment, the convenient location, and the people were great, there’s no comparison. I also had a weight loss partner to keep me accountable and it had a tremendous effect on both of us. I really believe the whole atmosphere was perfect for me.

How does the program work?

I really liked the way the program was designed for me. They personalized the program to my needs and then they broke it down into phases. Throughout the program I was able to do light exercise (for me it was Jazzercise), and I took appetite suppressants and B12 shots as well.

Phase 1: Detox – I was limited to what foods I could eat.

Phase 2: I did a high protein-low carb diet with limited exercise.

Phase 3: This was my favorite phase. It was simple for me to follow. I took HGH shots daily for 10 weeks, and ate 600 - 700 calories a day.

Phase 4: I went back to a high protein-low carb diet with limited exercise.

I also weigh in every week, measured every 4 weeks, and met with a nutritional consultant to discuss my progress.  

How does it feel now looking back at your old self?

For the first time ever, and what’s most important, is that the program has truly changed my eating habits, especially when I’m eating out. I used to always eat the bread on the table and now I don’t even touch it. I was so determined to follow the program to a tee. It instilled in me that I can go out to eat and still feel satisfied. Can you believe I even watched what I ate over the holidays?

Would you recommend doing this weight loss program and why?

I would definitely recommend it and the staff at the Lake Mary location are wonderful. If you’re not going to people you feel comfortable with, it’s not easy to talk about your weight every week. The programs flows well because it goes in different stages so you don't get bored. You really learn what you're capable of if you stick with it.

Is there any secret to your weight loss success?

Simple. Be motivated to follow the program.
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