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Band of Sisters

Featured Photo from Band of Sisters

This rocking trio of Winter Springs siblings is setting their sights on a sensational musical career

The Mason sisters may only be in middle school, but these young musicians know how to rock out with the swagger and style of seasoned pros.

Their pop-rock band, Hello Sister, is comprised of Grace, Gabriella, and Scarlett. Grace sings lead vocals and plays bass guitar and keyboards. Gabriella is the guitarist, Scarlett plays drums, and both sing back-up vocals.

Hello Sister has been a staple at community events and local music festivals for the past couple of years. Now, this talented trio from Winter Springs is poised to bring their spunky, girl-power songs to an even wider audience.

Over the past few months, the band has released two original singles, the breezy “Summer Time,” and the rollicking “Middle Schooler,” plus a cover of a Katy Perry song.

“We want our music to have a lot of energy and be fun,” says Grace, an eighth-grader  who has shown a flair for singing since she was four.

Scarlett, a sixth-grader, agrees with her big sister.

“We really like to write positive music and have a positive vibe,” she says.

And, seventh-grader Gabriella adds, “We want to be really good role models for everyone.”

The girls’ parents, Tim and Margot, encouraged each of their daughters to learn to play an instrument, in part because of the important role music has played in Tim’s life. The podiatrist studied piano and trumpet growing up in Canada and went on to sing and write songs in several bands.

The Mason sisters were heavily involved in music enrichment programs at Keeth Elementary School and now play in the band at Indian Trails Middle School, which they all attend. Their respective roles within Hello Sister evolved naturally.
“Since I’m the oldest, I kind of have to be the leader,” grins Grace. “And I love doing lead vocals because I really enjoy singing.”

Gabriella gravitated to the guitar because her dad played the instrument and she wanted to follow in his footsteps. And for Scarlett, nothing would do but the drums.

“From a really young age, I would always bang on things,” she says with a giggle. “We actually have a video of me banging on pans and Gabriella playing the guitar.”

The girls study at a music training school in Winter Springs and are being groomed by an artist development company in Nashville. Their musical influences range from rock to pop to country. Besides local gigs, the girls have performed at venues in Nashville, including a mall and a coffee shop on Music Row.

Hello Sister has been making creative use of Florida locales for its music video shoots. The “Summer Time” video was shot in June at Clearwater Beach and features the girls dancing with their friends and performing with panache. The video for “Middle Schooler” was shot in August at Indian Trails Middle, with the school’s blessing.

“They’re a great group of young ladies who do the right thing,” says Craig Johnson, principal at Indian Trails. “Their number-one focus is on their academics, and they’re able to balance that with their involvement in school athletics and their music.”
Hello Sister’s plan is to release a new single and accompanying video every month or so, leading up to the launch of their debut album, The World Can Chase Me.

The girls’ writing sessions for their original songs are a collaborative effort between the siblings and their father. And on occasion, the family travels to Nashville for marathon songwriting sessions with professional writers.

Grace culls much of her lyrical subject matter from what’s going on around her.

“It’s mostly everyday life,” she says. “The ideas I think of make me sad or happy, and I just get inspired and start writing lyrics. Scarlett usually comes up with little hooks, and Gabriella helps with the rhythms.”

Inspiration can strike at any time, and when it does, the girls record voice memos on their phones so they won’t forget an idea that could lead to the next hit song on the airwaves. The close-knit girls exhibit a mature work ethic and say their family bond will keep Hello Sister going.

“We really enjoy working together,” Grace says. “It’s a lot easier to be in a band when you’re sisters. We can’t really break apart because we’ll always see each other.”

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