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Lens Craft

Featured Photo from Lens Craft

Oviedo photographer Deborah Sandidge named a prestigious Nikon Ambassador.

World-renowned photographers don’t just live in New York. We have one right here in our own backyard. Oviedo resident Deborah Sandidge was recently selected by camera manufacturer Nikon as one of its Nikon Ambassadors – an illustrious honor held by only 32 other photographers worldwide. 

Launched in 2013, the Nikon Ambassador Program was designed to mentor, motivate, and inspire other photographers. 

“It makes no difference if you’re an enthusiast, a professional photographer, or even someone who’s just picking up a camera for the first time,” Deborah explains. “That is the path I took for many years, so becoming an ambassador is really a continuation of what I’ve been doing, but in a more formal way. I’m just so very pleased to be invited to work with Nikon. It’s been pretty exciting so far!”

The Nikon Ambassador Program identifies the versatile, ambitious, and influential photographers of today in an effort to build on a foundation of master craftsmanship. Each ambassador is an expert in his or her unique facet of photography – covering the gamut from wedding and portraiture to documentary, editorial, and sports. And every ambassador has a passion for educating and sharing their knowledge.

Deborah was chosen as an ambassador for her prolific and passionate contributions to the travel photography genre, having spent decades perfecting her very meticulous craft in all corners of the world. Deborah doesn’t just find pretty places to point and shoot, though. She specializes in some highly advanced aspects of photography such as infrared imagery, time-lapse, and long-exposure.

Deborah has written the book on these techniques – literally. Although she has been working as a professional photographer for years, it was the publication of her 2009 book, Digital Infrared Photography, that firmly established her as an expert in her field, providing her with more opportunities for guest speaking, teaching, and writing. Deborah wrote multiple travel columns for Shutterbug magazine and made a number of contributions to the Nikon website. Nikon has even used several of her images in its marketing materials and commissioned her for special projects.

It was while working on her book that Deborah caught the travel bug. Wanting to present a more well-rounded approach to photography in the book, Deborah did a bit of traveling to collect a greater variety of images.

“I got hooked and couldn’t stop,” she confesses.

Deborah became fascinated with the idea that she could take all her knowledge of photography and apply it to each new city she visited.

“In the back of my mind, I always have a short list of things I want to accomplish,”  she says. “And I can apply that to all different cities.”

Now a devoted travel photographer, Deborah wants to help someone feel what it was like to be right by her side the moment she snapped a jaw-dropping photo.

“I want someone to look at my picture and feel like they need to scoot back a little bit because their feet might get wet,” Deborah says. “And I want them to feel like they can capture that, too.”

Deborah loves the challenge of capturing a sense of movement, especially in her cityscapes and seascapes. She’s even created a hashtag for one of her favorite subjects, #windpaintedclouds.

When she got the call from Nikon announcing she was chosen as an ambassador, Deborah was literally speechless.
“It means so much,” she beams. “When I became an ambassador, it felt like I became part of a family. I have so much respect and admiration for the other ambassadors. They each do a different genre I don’t do, and they do it so very well. I’m always impressed.”

Deborah carries the honorary medallions Nikon sent her wherever she goes.

As a Nikon Ambassador, Deborah looks forward to more speaking engagements and opportunities to share her passion and expertise. Although it was a bit intimidating, her coming out party as a Nikon Ambassador was a guest-speaking gig at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas earlier this year.

“I loved it!” Deborah exclaims. 

Deborah’s husband and two adult children are beyond thrilled and proud. 

“Deb is a passionate, energized artist behind the lens,” her husband Dennis gushes, “She truly loves what she does, and never tires of it. I feel that Nikon not only recognizes Deb’s skill and creativity, but they see how she willingly shares her expertise and experience, providing inspiration and education to many. And because Deb is able to see subjects differently, with a creative and artistic perspective, her work is unique and expressive. 

“I am very proud!”   

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