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Newly expanded and enormously international, the MOMS Club of Heathrow is more vibrant than ever before

The number 18 is an auspicious one in many cultures. To the Chinese, the number is associated with having great success and being prosperous. In Jewish culture, the Hebrew word for life (chai) has a numerical value of 18. It’s also said that living in a house with 18 in the address is considered fortunate. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that on the occasion of its 18th anniversary, the MOMS Club of Heathrow is as successful and prosperous as ever.

MOMS is an acronym for Moms Offering Moms Support, and the MOMS Club of Heathrow is the local chapter of an international organization that offers a multitude of diverse activities for local moms and their families, as well as educational resources, support systems, fellowship, and community outreach programs.

“The wonderful thing about being part of such a great organization is that we have support from all over the country and the world,” says Eliana Sutherland, president of the MOMS Club of Heathrow. “There are more than 2,000 chapters with over 100,000 members that span across the United States and seven other countries.”

Due to its overwhelming popularity, the MOMS Club of Heathrow has recently expanded its own borders to include moms from all of Heathrow, Heathrow Woods, Alaqua Lakes, and many of the surrounding communities off Markham Woods Road.

“We have meetings and events not only in Heathrow now, but in nearby areas that our new borders cover,” explains Eliana. “We now have more moms in the surrounding areas with kids ranging in age from newborns to high schoolers. Everyone brings unique ideas to our group for events to accommodate all ages such as playdates, moms’ nights out, parents’ nights out, family get-togethers, moms’ coffee breaks, monthly field trips and craft events, lunch dates, cooking clubs, a tweens club, a weekly workout event, service projects, and more.”

The MOMS Club of Heathrow recently rallied to support survivors of the tragic Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. While the Parkland MOMS Club was working with the victims and their families, the MOMS Club of Heathrow gathered together to make cards and write letters of support to students who would be returning to the school.

The MOMS Club of Heathrow also raises money for the local chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It’s a cause close to the club’s heart, as one of its members has a child battling the debilitating disease. On a global scale, the MOMS Club of Heathrow supports the Mothers to Mothers Fund, which is a charity sponsored by MOMS Club International. Throughout the year, local chapters like the Heathrow club raise money to assist MOMS Club members suffering from financial hardship anywhere in the world.

“Even though we have grown so much, our core hasn’t changed,” says Eliana. “We are still moms offering other moms support while fostering a healthy and fun environment for our children through programs and events. The success of our club is due to the members who are actively involved, and we are unique in that we have moms representing almost every continent on the globe. Our diversity is what makes us so special.”

The MOMS Club of Heathrow likes to celebrate the diversity of its members in style. The club will host a Cinco de Mayo International Potluck event on Saturday, May 5, and club members are encouraged to bring a dish that represents their culture and heritage. With moms from all over the world, the smorgasbord will be an international delight. Though the event is free, attendees do have to be members of the MOMS Club of Heathrow, but that’s no chore.

“To come to this or other events, you just have to join the club,” explains Eliana. “New moms need to complete a short questionnaire and submit a payment of $25 – good for the whole year – and then they’ll become members of our chapter and gain access to our calendar of events and informational sites.”

For more information about the MOMS Club of Heathrow, or to join, email Eliana Sutherland at

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