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My Three-Year-Old’s First Trip to the Dentist

Featured Photo from My Three-Year-Old’s First Trip to the Dentist

I definitely do not enjoy going to the dentist. I dread it when my appointment is a few weeks away. So when it was time for my three-year-old daughter Billie to have her first appointment, I was certain she’d hate it as much as I do. Plus, she’s three. I was positive that there was no way the dentist could get her to lay still to have her teeth cleaned. .naturally I prepared myself for a morning of screaming and crying. As the appointment approached, I got more and more anxious about what I was certain would be an epic disaster.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.


From the moment we entered Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry, to the moment we left, my daughter was nothing but smiles.


On our way to the dentist I built up the whole experience to her.. Big kids get their teeth cleaned. She’d get a prize at the end from a treasure box. Afterwards, if she was good, we could stop by the Lake Mary Life office and visit her grandparents (the best reward possible). The minute we walked into Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry’s beautifully decorated office Billie looked at the airplane hanging from the ceiling and said “WOW!”

While I signed her in and did paper work, she explored the waiting room. It’s great for kids. There’s a full-sized van with iPads inside, life-size sea turtles with bright smiles swimming on the wall, a toucan, a television that played Disney Jr., and her personal favorite –totem pole side tables. She pretended to play Angry Birds on the iPad, but had no idea what she was doing. Then she decided it was time for her check up. I quickly stopped her from walking into the exam room. And we waited patiently for her name to be called.

Once she heard her name, she jumped for joy and happily followed Valerie, our hygienist, back to the exam room. Valerie let her pick out a new toothbrush and took her to lay down on the dental chair. Once Billie got settled with her head leaning back on the chair, she allowed Valerie to put sunglasses on her and a bib to cover her chest. I couldn’t believe this was happening so calmly and easily, but I was pretty sure when the tools came out, she’d freak out. I was wrong again. Every time Valerie was going to use a tool, she showed it to Billie and used it on her hand to show her how it would work. At one point I heard her actually giggling and telling Valerie, “That tickles!”


They counted her teeth together, polished them, did a fluoride treatment, flossed, and even took X-rays. I had never seen a portable X-ray before – whoever invented that was a genius!


Then Dr. White came in to go over everything with me. He said that her teeth looked amazing. She had no cavities, and didn’t have to come back for six months. He did warn me that her mouth looked a little crowded, and that we might need some orthodontia in a few years to make room for her adult teeth. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


Billie jumped out of the chair, ran to give me a hug and said “I did it!”. She then made a beeline for the treasure box where she picked out two toys - one for her and one for me. She told me that I did a good job too. I would have to agree that she’s right. I did a good job picking out the best dental office for her. She’s going to have great dental experiences from this point forward and most likely won’t end up hating the dentist like me. I’m wondering if Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry would consider treating this 37-year-old. I promise to be just as good as my daughter!

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Posted By: Holly

Same experience for our family! My three year old looks forward to visiting the "Teeth Doctor." I hyped going to the dentist for weeks before our first visit. I didn't want my own MAJOR phobia to shine through. Our visits have all been happy and successful. If Dr. White considers 37 year old patients, sign me up!

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