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The Lifeline

Bringing you the best local stories in and around our community.

One Voice, One Vote

Featured Photo from One Voice, One Vote

This Altamonte playwright is channeling a civil rights icon to encourage citizens nationwide – and here in our community – to embrace their right to vote

Much to Celebrate, Much Still to Do

Featured Photo from Much to Celebrate, Much Still to Do

Demand for new pets during the coronavirus crisis has emptied local animal shelters, right? Actually, not quite. While lots of local families have welcomed a new pet into their home, many four-legged friends are still hoping to find their perfect match.

More Room to Help

Featured Photo from More Room to Help

Thanks to a generous donor, the homegrown charity Just Our Soldiers’ Helpers is expanding its footprint in our community to bring comfort and caring to men and women serving overseas

Coding for Charity

Featured Photo from Coding for Charity

Determined to help local businesses during the pandemic, three high-school programmers put their heads together to create a nonprofit organization that gives back in more ways than one

However You Learn...

Featured Photo from However You Learn...

Digital learning is more popular – and potentially more frustrating – than ever before, but a local student and her friends around the world are here to help

Brains & Braun

Featured Photo from Brains & Braun

He’s lived with a brain tumor for nearly two decades, but it doesn’t stop this Lake Mary grad from inspiring others in the classroom, on the field, and in the community

The Hall (Still) Calls

Featured Photo from The Hall (Still) Calls

Every year, Seminole County enshrines new local athletic icons into its Sports Hall of Fame. The 2020 induction took place without the usual fanfare, but the honorees deserve no less of a celebration. Let’s meet this year’s worthy inductees:

A Hearty Supply

Featured Photo from A Hearty Supply

Now more than ever, the local nonprofit organization Hearts, Hands and Hope is filling the gaps to help feed every hungry family in Seminole County

Success in the System

Featured Photo from Success in the System

The future for foster children can seem bleak, but Altamonte Springs Police Officer William Belt proves that today doesn’t define tomorrow – and he’s determined to spread that message to local kids every way he can.

Our Neighbor Knightro

Featured Photo from Our Neighbor Knightro

After spending four years as the anonymous man behind the armor, Lake Mary’s Eric Topolewski reveals himself as UCF mascot Knightro as he prepares to go pro

Zach's Back!

Featured Photo from Zach's Back!

One of Lake Mary’s most dedicated public servants is once again in the role he knows best: helping the community connect with local law enforcement

Fight & Flight

Featured Photo from Fight & Flight

Despite a daily battle with multiple sclerosis, this Lake Mary athlete’s invention is helping him – and others – soar

A Century of Progress

Featured Photo from A Century of Progress

The League of Women Voters is celebrating its centennial in 2020, and the Seminole County chapter of this iconic organization is helping the group’s century-old vision thrive

A Classic Reimagined

Featured Photo from A Classic Reimagined

Flamenco del Sol is scheduled to bring an encore of its dance-infused version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Central Florida audiences in June.

Just Dance

Featured Photo from Just Dance

Local firefighter becomes an internet sensation as he dances his heart out to support his newborn son in intensive care

The Laureate Down the Lane

Featured Photo from The Laureate Down the Lane

Did you know there was a poet laureate among your many neighbors? Indeed there is, and when telling the story of such an esteemed wordsmith, what better prose to use than his very own... Lake Mary Life presents a Q&A with poet laureate and Heathrow resident Elie Fleurant

New Guy At The Y

Featured Photo from New Guy At The Y

With a wealth of YMCA experience and a deep commitment to community and diversity, the new director of Lake Mary’s hometown Y is ready to give its members more to love than ever

25 Years of Changing Lives

Featured Photo from 25 Years of Changing Lives

Have you ever thought about mentoring a student? Consider being part of the Take Stock in Children program. With 25 years of success under its belt, this scholarship program helps connect deserving high-school students and adult mentors in a meaningful way.

The Littlest Sentinel

Featured Photo from The Littlest Sentinel

Thanks to her tribute to those who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, third grader Lilly Everland earns a ceremonial spot in the military’s most iconic regiment

Teacher's Puppet

Featured Photo from Teacher's Puppet

A Millennium Middle School teacher with a prestigious puppetry pedigree is preserving the art form with the help of her precocious pupils

Kid City USA Heathrow

Featured Photo from Kid City USA Heathrow

When Khushboo Pundir and Nanditha Gummadapu met and created some magic with their Kid City USA early learning academy on Lake Mary Boulevard years ago, it was only the beginning.

Disc Golf Fever

Featured Photo from Disc Golf Fever

Thanks to a local teen and a handful of disc-golf enthusiasts, one of the fastest growing sports in the country has arrived in Lake Mary

A SunRail Daycation

Featured Photo from A SunRail Daycation

Looking for a day-full of fun throughout Central Florida? Our own Georgia Rivas hops on SunRail to scope out some of the hottest spots that are just a train-ride away.

A League of Their Own

Featured Photo from A League of Their Own

From one-on-one tutoring to family reading programs and more, the Adult Literacy League and its volunteers are committed to building a more literate community

A Legacy of Dignity

Featured Photo from A Legacy of Dignity

To honor the life of its biggest advocate, IDignity Seminole redoubles its efforts to help the disadvantaged get the essential identification they need

Melissa Ray- Wins Civilian Life Saving Award

Featured Photo from Melissa Ray- Wins Civilian Life Saving Award

Melissa Ray works at Jeunesse Global in Lake Mary. In 1990, she first took a CPR training class and learned mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Things have changed in the three decades since Melissa’s first CPR classes, and luckily for her coworker, Brendan Farwick, she recently participated in an updated training session offered by the Lake Mary Fire Department and taught by Inspector Torry Walker.

The (Home) Brew Crew

Featured Photo from The (Home) Brew Crew

If you’ve ever thought about trying your hand at homebrewing beer, don’t go it alone! The Brew Club of Seminole County welcomes you with full glasses and open arms.

A Seed Grows in Seminole

Featured Photo from A Seed Grows in Seminole

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida has a strong and growing presence in Seminole County, providing help to families in distress and opportunities to serve for those with love to give

Double Eagle

Featured Photo from Double Eagle

With a combined eight state championships in the last six years, Lake Mary is home to the two most dominant girls’ golf teams in Florida

The Hearts of Hamilton

Featured Photo from The Hearts of Hamilton

With more than 100 years of combined education experience, these three original Hamilton Elementary teachers reflect on 35 years of history at the iconic Sanford school

Book 'Em

Featured Photo from Book 'Em

With a network of Little Free Libraries around town, this Sanford Police Officer is on a mission to put books in the hands of the young boys and girls he serves

Their Cups Runneth Over

Featured Photo from Their Cups Runneth Over

In the September/October 2018 issue of Lake Mary Life, we introduced the community to Palate Coffee Brewery, a volunteer-run coffee shop in Sanford that donates 100 percent of its profits to fight human trafficking. With the launch of a second Palate Coffee cafe in Oviedo and the opening of a safehouse for at-risk children in Guyana, it’s time to check in again with Palate founder Tina Kadolph to learn how local coffee lovers are helping women all over the world, one tasty cup at a time.

1st and 40

Featured Photo from 1st and 40

As the UCF football team celebrates its 40th season, we meet some of the inaugural players who call Seminole County home

We've Got It Covered

Featured Photo from We've Got It Covered

100 issues. 100 covers.100 remarkable stories that are part of our community’s rich history. To celebrate the 100th edition of Lake Mary Life, we caught up with some of the cover stars who’ve made our magazine so special. We couldn’t follow up with everyone, of course. Some have moved away, some are no longer with us, but everyone who has graced this magazine’s most prominent page will forever be part of the Lake Mary Life cover family. Join us for a family reunion of sorts as we reconnect with some of our favorite cover folks from years past.

The Pages Keep Turning

Featured Photo from The Pages Keep Turning

In the 16 years we’ve been publishing Lake Mary Life, so much has changed, but one thing has remained entertainingly the same: people have been predicting the death of print magazines the whole time! But as we send our 100th edition to print, we’re noticing something interesting... some of the trendiest, most media-savvy companies in the world are embracing print magazines again or for the very first time.

Take a Hike!

Featured Photo from Take a Hike!

As temperatures become tolerable, Seminole County’s Natural Lands Program starts calling. Our own Georgia Rivas takes us on a tour of the best hiking trails and nature spots in town.

Inspiration Road

Featured Photo from Inspiration Road

Determined to live life to the fullest, this local couple completes a cross-country adventure inspired by those living with spinal cord injuries

That'll Teach You

Featured Photo from That'll Teach You

Local theater teachers sharpen their skills and satisfy their souls by quite literally acting the parts on stages throughout Central Florida

What Is Community Policing?

Featured Photo from What Is Community Policing?

More often than not, you will hear me and members of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office refer to our organization’s dedication to community policing. We take pride in our philosophy of engaging in community policing, something that has dated back to the 1990s. We know it helps our mission of reducing crime and the fear of crime in our county. However, we don’t always explain what community policing is and how it betters the community we live in and serve.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Featured Photo from The Journey of a Lifetime

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Seminole High School Band traveled to Normandy to remember and celebrate those who risked everything to save the world Jake Burkhart’s great-grandfather was among the thousands of valiant American soldiers who stormed Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, on D-Day. The young Army soldier, Daniel Wojciek, earned a Purple Heart for leg and back injuries he sustained in the battles that followed, but he survived the carnage of World War II and made it back home.

The Bloggiest Place on Earth

Featured Photo from The Bloggiest Place on Earth

There is certainly no shortage of theme-park blogs online. But for these three local, professional women, blogging about their park hopping adventures has not only helped their followers around the world tackle the treacherous parks, it has added a bit of magic to their own lives, too. Meet Tina, a nutritionist; Chandra, an insurance claims representative; and Samantha, a mental-health therapist. They all have one thing in common: they can’t get enough of that little guy with the big ears.

Hello Summer

Featured Photo from Hello Summer

And just like that, another Florida summer is upon us, but luckily you don’t have to go very far to enjoy our beautiful Sunshine State. Here are our top picks for fun things to do in your neighborhood and around town this summer.

How Rube!

Featured Photo from How Rube!

Ever hear of a Rube Goldberg machine? It’s an elaborate contraption that’s as fun to build as it is to use, and a team from Sanford Middle School just won the district’s very first wild and wacky Rube Goldberg Competition.

Meet Chris Anderson

Featured Photo from Meet Chris Anderson

Seminole County’s new Supervisor of Elections is a former Sheriff’s Deputy and Army veteran who wants to take the mystery out of the elections process

Divine Timing

Featured Photo from Divine Timing

From helping our youth to serving our senior citizens, a group of students at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy are following the lead of one stellar community champion

The Hall Calls

Featured Photo from The Hall Calls

The 2019 class of inductees into the Seminole County Sports Hall of Fame spans decades, multiple sports, and the full spectrum of community service

The Apple of His Eye

Featured Photo from The Apple of His Eye

Oviedo high-schooler gets a surprise visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook and a prestigious scholarship to attend the company’s iconic developers conference in California.

Gather Round

Featured Photo from Gather Round

As girls join the boys in their Scouting adventures, this local Scoutmaster finds herself in familiar territory – on the cutting edge of leadership

Meet Nina Yon

Featured Photo from Meet Nina Yon

She’s the new CEO of The Sharing Center, and she brings an invaluable point of view that unites the rich and the poor

A Concert for the Kids

Featured Photo from A Concert for the Kids

Get ready for a star-studded evening of entertainment on August 18, all to benefit the Steinway Society and its mission to help children in need take a seat at the piano.

Our Own Olympian

Featured Photo from Our Own Olympian

Back from the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi – with two silver medals to add to her overflowing trophy case – Sanford tennis star Brittany Tagliareni continues to inspire

Extra Curriculars

Featured Photo from Extra Curriculars

For these dedicated educators, being a retired teacher doesn’t mean they’ve retired from teaching. They continue to instruct and inspire, this time as volunteers in our local schools.

Flashes and Floaters and Shadows, Oh My!

Featured Photo from Flashes and Floaters and Shadows, Oh My!

It’s Monday night. You’re watching the ball game, when suddenly you see spots in your vision. You blink several times, but the specks don’t go away. In fact, you start noticing new sparks of light and a shadow in your field of vision. Should you contact your eye care specialist?

It's A Snap!

Featured Photo from It's A Snap!

Taking care of someone with a developmental disability can be hard. The Special Needs Ability Program is here to help.

Changing of the Guard

Featured Photo from Changing of the Guard

Meet Kevin Smith, Lake Mary’s new city manager, and join us in bidding a fond farewell to three great leaders who’ve served the city for more than 75 years combined.

On-Campus Credit

Featured Photo from On-Campus Credit

For 10 years, students at Lake Brantley High School have gotten real-world experience working at the on-campus CFE Credit Union branch, and now would-be bankers at Lake Howell High are breaking into the business, too.

Vegans Unite

Featured Photo from Vegans Unite

The leader of Central Florida’s vegan movement lives right here in Sanford, and she’s helping local vegans connect with each other and the vegan-friendly restaurants around them.

The IT Girls

Featured Photo from The IT Girls

The IT Girls at Crooms Academy of Information Technology. The club helps girls in every grade at Crooms explore their potential in STEM subjects.