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Focus Stories

Amazing Lash Studio

by NA

Featured Photo from Amazing Lash Studio

Are you feeling like your beauty routine has become a bit drab?

A visit to Amazing Lash Studio in Lake Mary will freshen your look for the holiday season and cut down on time spent in get-ready mode.
The studio began with a few locations in the Houston area but now boasts franchises worldwide. One recently opened right here in Lake Mary on Lake Emma Road. The Amazing Lash Studio offers semi-permanent eyelash extensions to amplify the look of your natural lashes. These are not your grandmother’s drugstore lashes – these are next-level, eyelash extensions that look and feel natural. The extensions are extremely lightweight, and the curve and shine are so natural-looking, you can claim them as your own. Varying lengths and thicknesses naturally enhance your existing lashes.

While they look lifelike to the naked eye, the lashes offer a dramatic change to your everyday look.

“Your friends and family will notice them and demand to know your secret,” says Jessica Deck, manager of the Lake Mary Studio. “With little need for makeup, the long, full, thick lashes make a strong statement all on their own.”

At your first appointment, an Amazing Lash stylist will offer a full consultation to help customize a look you’ll love. Choose from four distinct styles: Natural, Cute, Sexy, and Gorgeous.

“Each style helps achieve a different look, based on your eye shape, lifestyle, and preference,” explains Jessica. “You won’t find our styles anywhere else. They’re so unique, they’ve been awarded a U.S. patent.”

Gorgeous Lashes offer thicker extensions along the entire lash line. Natural Lashes feature extensions that follow your existing lash line and enhance the natural shape of your eye. The Sexy Lash style adds longer 

extensions on the outside corners of your eyes, while Cute Lashes offer longer extensions at the center of your lash line, which in turn makes your eyes appear longer.

If this procedure is new to you, have no fear.

“We understand the unknown can be intimidating,” admits Jessica, “but the process is actually a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Since your eyes are closed for the duration of the appointment, many of our guests simply drift off for a nap – how often do you get two hours of peace and quiet?”

The procedure is easy and straightforward. Simply arrive for an appointment 10 minutes early, with a makeup-free face, to fill out some paperwork. Next, the stylist will escort you to a private room, where you’ll lie on a comfortable, cushioned massage table, draped under a cozy velour blanket. Your stylist will then conduct a lash health evaluation, answer any questions you have, guide you in choosing the perfect lash style, and begin applying your eyelash extensions. Lashes are individual strands, each placed on your natural lash.

“When you awaken, you’ll find the longer, thicker, and more voluminous eyelashes you’ve been dreaming of,” says Jessica.

Lash extensions have an amazing impact on the way you look, the way you feel, and the time you’ll save on your morning routine. Clients wake up with confidence and enjoy going about their days without the fuss. Many guests like the way they look so much with just the lashes that they actually tend to wear less makeup.

“You’ll wonder how you ever lived without us,” smiles Jessica.

The extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes. Depending on your activity and day-to-day routine, refills are required every two to four weeks. When it’s time to refill, it’s easy to become a member and save on lash maintenance. As an Amazing Lash member, you’ll save time with priority booking and convenient standing appointments. You’ll also earn rewards for referrals of all the people who want to know about your lashes (there will be plenty!). Refills take less than an hour.

Members save 25 to 35 percent off the regular prices on refills, up to 50 percent on specialty lashes, and 10 percent on all Amazing Lash retail products. Plus, membership is valid nationwide, so you can get your lashes near home, work, or even when traveling.
Contact Amazing Lash today for a consultation.

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