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Focus Stories

Artisan Dental

by Kevin Fritz

Featured Photo from Artisan Dental

There is a new dentist in Winter Springs, one who brings youth, talent, and exuberance to Artisan Dental, a practice already well-known for its high standards, forward-thinking approaches, and family-friendly atmosphere.

“This is a really good fit,” says 31-year-old Christine Nguyen, DDS (no relation to the dentist with the same name in Orlando).
Artisan Dental’s very own Dr. Nguyen joined the practice in January after working in Clearwater.  

“I was looking to move back because my whole family lives in the Central Florida area,” says the Bishop Moore High School graduate, who earned her undergraduate degree in food science and human nutrition from the University of Florida. “I grew up in Longwood, and I am really close to my family.”

But it took a fortuitous meeting thousands of miles away to bring Dr. Nguyen back home. She first met Mary Isaacs, DMD, FAGD, the longtime owner of Artisan Dental, at a Spear Education conference in Arizona two years ago. 

“Then I went back last May, and she was teaching,” Dr. Nguyen explains. “We hit it off and started having lunch together.”
And as fate would have it, Dr. Isaacs’s partner, Dr. Pearl Burns, was retiring from Artisan Dental to become an international dental missionary. Dr. Isaacs was looking for just the right person to fill the vacancy. 

“Dr. Nguyen is very talented and has very good hands,” says Dr. Isaacs. “She is an educator, a nurturer, and has a great chairside manner.” 

Dr. Isaacs is also impressed with the zeal Dr. Nguyen has for working with patients to codesign strategies and procedures of care, and that she can add to the practice with restorative dentistry procedures, oral surgery, and root canals.  

“At Artisan Dental, I get to know the patients before delving in,” says Dr. Nguyen, whose mission work in Honduras during dental school made her realize the overall impact dentistry can have on a person’s life. “We are not just fixing a problem. We’re trying to find the root cause of the disease. Mouth disease can lead to things like diabetes and heart conditions.” 

Over time, Dr. Nguyen would like to weave some holistic procedures into the practice, attracting those patients seeking more organic treatments.

“That’s the direction of healthcare,” she believes.

Bio-Rejuvenation Dentistry
The arrival of Dr. Nguyen allows both women to put an added focus on advanced dental training and procedures, especially those that offer holistic, comprehensive, and biological approaches to medicine.

“My passion is minimally invasive bio-rejuvenation dentistry,” says Dr. Isaacs. 

While traditional dentistry focuses on simply managing a patient’s symptoms, bio-rejuvenation dental medicine concentrates on diagnosing the whole person to discover what is causing a disharmony in the chewing system and the airway. Dr. Isaacs says a successful mouth rehabilitation always starts with a stable jaw joint.

“We are physicians of the mouth,” says Dr. Isaacs. “We are partners with your physicians. Here, we treat the whole body. Often, symptoms show up in the mouth that are signs of what is really going on inside the body. Worn teeth and acid erosion could be signs of sleep-disordered breathing. Bleeding gums can be related to conditions like diabetes or leukemia.”

Dr. Isaacs says her restorations can help reduce or eliminate facial pain, neck pain, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, all while enhancing facial symmetry and creating a more youthful appearance.

“We give back what nature lost,” Dr. Isaacs says. “We feel we are the go-to for full-mouth rehabilitation in our community because we practice minimally invasive techniques.”

Women in Science Scholarship
Artisan Dental not only assists with crafting exceptional smiles, the practice also creates brighter futures for our local youth, too.  

In 1995, the year Dr. Isaacs took over Artisan Dental, she created a scholarship program to assist young women in Central Florida with scientific aspirations. Every year, one senior from each of five area schools – Trinity Prep, Lake Howell, Bishop Moore, Oviedo, and Winter Springs – receives $1,000 toward a college of their choice.

“Back in the day, there were not many females in dental school and definitely no scholarships for women,” says Dr. Isaacs, a mother of two daughters with her husband, Tony. 

Since the inception of Artisan Dental’s Women in Science Scholarship, Dr. Isaacs has awarded $120,000 to female high-school seniors who study a STEM-related discipline in college, whether that is in the field of technology, computer science, medicine, or engineering.

“I look for candidates who are going to be successful in life,” Dr. Isaacs says. 

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