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Focus Stories

Florida Hospital Care Network

by Florida Hospital

Featured Photo from Florida Hospital Care Network

Receiving care for even a relatively mild illness can lead to a complicated path of visits and follow-up appointments. Let’s say you see your primary care physician on Monday. She requests a blood test for you on Thursday. Then the following week, you have an appointment with a specialist who suggests a CT scan at an outpatient facility. Though you’re only two weeks in, you’ve already had four touch-points with your healthcare team. And then the questions start to stack up.

Is your healthcare information accessible from each provider so you can make decisions about your condition along the way? How are your numerous physicians and clinicians communicating about your treatment plan? And how is your care being coordinated?

Understandably, the answers have direct impact on your overall health and well-being.

That’s why Florida Hospital recently launched a new initiative connecting these healthcare services together under one umbrella. It’s simply called the Care Network, and it does just that. This single network provides seamless coordination and communication between medical providers while offering you easy access to your health information through an online portal.

Coordinating Your Care
Florida Hospital currently has 10 hospital locations across Central Florida in addition to 24 Centra Care Urgent Care centers, 23 imaging and diagnostic clinics, more than 2,500 physicians and specialists, 15 laboratory facilities, and more than 15 sports medicine and rehabilitation clinics – just to give a top-level view of the healthcare system.

“We believe in making healthcare affordable, connected, and exceptional, and we are working hard to provide our community healthcare options close to where we live, work, and play,” says Daryl Tol, Florida Hospital president and CEO. “We’re planning carefully so there are healthcare-access locations within 10 minutes of 90 percent of our population. And for even greater access and convenience, we’re investing in technologies that bring healthcare straight to the patient, such as an online portal and virtual physician visits. We’ve designed a Care Network that addresses whole-person health – emotional, physical, and spiritual – and we are striving to make Central Florida one of the healthiest communities in the country.”

Online Patient Portal
Providing patients with easy access to their family’s entire healthcare history has long been a goal for many medical providers. At Florida Hospital, this sought-after ability is now a reality. With the new HelloWell online portal and companion app, you can retrieve and review your family’s health information at any time. The portal also includes a physician directory as well as an appointment scheduler for specific physicians or for a service such as getting a mammogram. You can set up an account by going to Or you can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Virtual Physician Care
Technology is also playing a role in Florida Hospital making it convenient for you to see a doctor when you need to – and on demand. Through the eCare app – downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play –you can have a virtual physician visit for minor illnesses such as allergies, skin conditions, or respiratory infections. Using secure video and audio channels, your appointment is safely conducted from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. After the physician diagnoses the condition, the prescription – if needed – can be sent to your preferred pharmacy. And check with your insurance provider, as an eCare visit may be accepted, though co-pays may vary.

Florida Hospital is dedicated to whole-person health, meaning providers place equal emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit when it comes to medical care. The Care Network places this philosophy at its foundation, allowing physicians and patients to work together to improve healthcare delivery for the Central Florida community.

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