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Focus Stories

Lake Emma Animal Hospital

by Susan Shalhoub

Featured Photo from Lake Emma Animal Hospital

With a 30-year history of outstanding service, Lake Emma Animal Hospital is always determined to deliver the very best care for the cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, and more that might cross its threshold. 

“One of the doctors here even sees a pet chicken,” says Dr. Nichole Crainick, the hospital’s medical director.

The team’s dedication means the office is always striving to be the very best. Innovative new treatment methods are constantly coming online, the office itself is always being upgraded to make the environment more comfortable (for patients and their owners alike), new staffers are bringing their expertise to the team, and new industry accreditations are proof that it’s all coming together with perfection.

Laser Focused
Chronic arthritis – it’s not just for people anymore. It’s a major issue for pets, especially older dogs suffering joint pain. Fortunately, it’s an ailment that can be treated successfully with laser therapy. State-of-the-art equipment and extensive staff training in safe, effective laser therapy gives pet owners a potential tool to help keep their pets more comfortable, even when other treatment methods have fallen short.

“Lasers can help in cases of an older joint injury that still causes pain,” says Dr. Crainick. “It can also help in wound healing, increasing blood flow so new cells grow in the area. Laser therapy really removes barriers, and it’s a drug-free method of pain management. Sometimes we’ll do a combination of medication and laser treatment for the pet, depending on the severity.”
Lake Emma Animal Hospital’s laser-therapy room is equipped with safety goggles for owners and staff and doggles for the animals (which is just as cute as it sounds).

Safe Spaces
The hospital has put careful thought into creating other areas to make all its guests feel comfortable and safe, as well.
Sixty percent of cat owners report that their cats hate coming to the veterinarian, but thanks to the hard work of Dr. Tami Groberg, Lake Emma Animal Hospital is a certified cat-friendly facility by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. The hospital’s veterinarians don’t want pet owners to find it’s too difficult to bring their cats in for important preventative care that can keep them healthy. 

Not only are cats seen in separate exam rooms from dogs, they have their own waiting room. Cats who are boarding overnight are kept separate from dogs, as well. Feline exam rooms feature a diffuser filled with a synthetic pheromone shown to have a calming effect on cats. For still-skittish kitties, an anti-anxiety medication can be prescribed before the visit, and hospital experts can offer owners other tips to make the vet visit less scary, too.

There’s one other very thoughtful space at Lake Emma Animal Hospital, and this one is designed specifically to ease the pain of a pet owner’s most heart-wrenching trip to the vet. When a pet is at the end of its life, the hospital has a special room where owners can hold and treasure their pet before its final journey. Resembling a living room, the space offers privacy and respect to families saying goodbye to a beloved member. The room even has a separate exit all its own, so grieving pet owners don’t have to walk back through the waiting room.

Added Excellence
Lake Emma Animal Hospital actively works to stay at peak performance, and that means keeping the right number of doctors on staff to serve its ever-growing list of satisfied patients.

A fifth doctor, Dr. Alice Chow, was added to the practice last summer to ensure wait times are always kept to a minimum.

The hospital is also ramping up its rehabilitation focus – supplementing orthopedic care provided by Dr. Caroline Hecker. With its other services, such as surgery, in-house blood work, on-site urinalysis, behavioral consultations, ultrasounds, allergy testing, and acupuncture, the care at Lake Emma Animal Hospital is truly comprehensive.

More Americans than ever own pets, and research shows animals play an increasingly critical role in our emotional well-being. That’s why Lake Emma Animal Hospital’s team is committed to serving pets and their owners the very best way they can: with modern treatments, a comfortable patient experience, and an ongoing dedication to excellence. 

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