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Focus Stories

Lake Mary Dental 2018

by Dori Gerber

Featured Photo from Lake Mary Dental 2018

Call it a tale of Dental Devotion... Longtime patients and staff of Lake Mary Dental are celebrating a timeless love story that played out right before their eyes.

Wedding bells recently took the place of dental drills when the staff, friends, and family of Dr. Ravi Lall and Kira Lall witnessed the two walking down the aisle to become husband and wife this past November.

Kira, the office manager of Lake Mary Dental, has been with the practice for 19 years and says that when Dr. Lall joined 18 years ago it was friendship at first sight.

“I was very involved with so many aspects of the practice, including training with the doctors, that we spent a lot of time together and developed a mutual respect for each other,” Kira recalls.

When they first met, Kira and Dr. Lall were both married to other people. It was around seven years ago, after they both became divorced, that their friendship blossomed into something more.

“The relationship just happened organically,” says Kira. “We were so comfortable with each other, and we were already spending so much time together, that it was just a gradual but natural connection.”

They both have children from their previous marriages, but everyone has adjusted to the new, blended family more easily than they could have imagined.

“We did a lot of relationship building before we became a family,” says Kira. “My son, who is now 20 and a hygienist assistant at the office, and Dr. Lall’s girls, who are seven and 10, get along so well. I think it’s because we did a lot of activities together, like going to the park, so that everyone could get to know each other without any pressure.”

One of the most unique aspects of the couple’s November nuptials is that the ceremony was held at one of their patient’s homes in Geneva. Kira says that this patient is so fond of Dr. Lall that when he heard they were getting married, he immediately offered his home, complete with an airplane landing strip. Kira says this just further proves how much Dr. Lall is respected, not just by her, but by his patients and staff, too.

“One of the things I respect most about him is the personal connection he makes with his patients and staff,” says Kira about Dr. Lall. “We have office staff here who have been with the practice for 18-plus years. Also, we have patients who have moved away from the area but return just so Dr. Lall can do their dental work. To me, that just speaks volumes about the stellar doctor and person that he is.”

What’s next for this dynamic duo and their dental practice? Kira says she envisions offering a Chairside Dental Assistant Program in their office to provide an opportunity for new high-school graduates who are interested in the dental field or mothers who have been out of the workforce for a while to learn a new trade.

“It’s a perfect fit,” says Kira. “I have been in dental care for so long that it’s natural for me to teach. I would love to have the ability to use our office space not just for clinical work, but for education, too.”

Kira says, now that their family is complete, this would be the perfect baby for her to nurture.

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