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Focus Stories

Nostalgia Family Medicine

by Jill Cousins

Featured Photo from Nostalgia Family Medicine

When you meet Dr. Brandon Fletcher for the first time, the name of his new practice – Nostalgia Family Medicine – suddenly makes perfect sense.

Instead of donning the typical white lab coat, Dr. Fletcher has a penchant for bowties and suspenders, and he doesn’t go anywhere without his vintage physician’s bag. But his fondness for nostalgia goes much deeper than his clothing and accessories. Dr. Fletcher also wants his family practice to be a throwback to the so-called good old days, when doctors made house calls and took the time to forge personal relationships with all their patients.

Nostalgia Family Medicine’s tagline, in fact, is Modern Medicine Practiced the Old-Fashioned Way. The office, which will open its doors in November, is located in the Ciara Creek Executive Center on Longwood Lake Mary Road (across from the YMCA).

“I just want to help people any way that I can and bring back good primary care and good patient-physician relationships,” says Dr. Fletcher, a North Carolina native who moved to Lake Mary with his wife and two daughters in 2013. “That’s the most important thing.”

To do that, Dr. Fletcher’s practice will introduce Direct Primary Care (DPC) to the Lake Mary area. DPC is a relatively new model for primary-care physicians, designed to put patients first by reducing costs and delivering “real, actual, responsible care,” Dr. Fletcher says, in a more-personal, less-hurried environment. To do this, DPC physicians charge a nominal monthly fee to patients instead of accepting health insurance, cutting out the middleman and reducing costs. The monthly fee covers almost all appointments, no matter how many, with the exception of hospitalizations and catastrophic events.

Nostalgia Family Medicine will also be able to provide patients with discounted wholesale prescription medications and will put a premium on patient wellness, with treatments available such as medical marijuana and IV (intravenous) therapy for rehydration, vitamin infusion, and bioidentical hormones.

The modern medicine twist is that patients can use their smartphones or computers to contact Dr. Fletcher any time they have a question or concern. In fact, once you become a patient at Nostalgia Family Medicine, you receive access to the practice’s patient portal and app, as well as Dr. Fletcher’s personal cell phone number.

“I’m your doctor 24/7, 365 days a year,” Dr. Fletcher says. “Patients can go to our website [] and register online. Once you join our practice, you’ll have access to all your medical records and unlimited access to me. I’m always just a text message or phone call away.”

And Dr. Fletcher won’t be the only physician you can call. Dr. Patricio Bruno is joining the practice, too, bringing his expertise in osteopathic manipulative therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement. Dr. Bruno is board-certified in family medicine, and together he and Dr. Fletcher have nearly a quarter-century of combined medical experience.

Dr. Fletcher’s upbringing has a lot to do with his caring nature and desire to help others. He was raised by a single mother on a farm in the tiny North Carolina community of Nahunta, and she often took young Brandon with her when her job as a nurse manager of a recovery room required her to make late-night trips to the local hospital. Dr. Fletcher vividly remembers sitting around the nurse’s station. He was inspired to help others, just like his mom, and would sometimes pass the time by practicing the signature he would use when he became a doctor.

“As a kid, I felt that the hospital was like my second home,” Dr. Fletcher says. “I also had a mild case of cerebral palsy, which would cause seizures, so I was in and out of hospitals, myself. People sacrificed a lot for me; people helped me in my time of need when I was a child. That’s why I decided to become a physician. Now this is my time to help those in need.”

After completing his residency in family medicine at East Carolina University, Dr. Fletcher began his medical career as a hospitalist. Although he enjoyed working as an attending physician at a variety of hospitals, he decided he wanted to open a private practice so he could develop more personal relationships with his patients.

The decision became clear to him during the summer of 2014, after he and wife Emily survived a horrific car crash en route to his best friend’s wedding outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

“After that car accident, I knew I had a purpose on Earth, because we should have been killed,” Dr. Fletcher says, tearing up at the memory of the head-on collision. “That put things in perspective and led to the opening of Nostalgia Family Medicine.”

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