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Focus Stories

Nuviva and ReBuilding Life Esthetics

by Jill Cousins

Featured Photo from Nuviva and ReBuilding Life Esthetics

Michelle Koch is a true success story of the Nuviva Medical Weight Loss program. She dropped 40 pounds in just four months and managed to rid herself of several health issues by diligently taking advantage of the program’s weekly nutrition coaching sessions and using supplements that were tailored to her specific needs. But on one particular Sunday during her session at Nuviva’s Lake Mary center, she wasn’t feeling very glamorous, despite her impressive progress.

“I was all sweaty and gross after a workout,” Michelle says, “and I said to the [Nuviva] girls, ‘You’d never know I was an esthetician,’ And one of the staffers heard ‘esthetician,’ and her eyes lit up. She told me that the owner just happens to be looking for one.”

That owner, Jeremy Avner, was in fact looking to expand the services he could offer to Nuviva’s loyal clients by providing them with a variety of pampering facial treatments. All he needed was the right esthetician for the job.

“I felt this would be like giving something back to them,” says Jeremy, who opened Nuviva in the Stirling Center complex off Rinehart Road in 2011. “The idea was to bring something in that our clients can enjoy in a place where they already feel comfortable.”

Michelle was introduced to Jeremy, and it proved to be a match made in skincare heaven. Rebuilding Life Esthetics started offering Michelle’s expert services at Nuviva this summer, and an official Grand Opening party – open to all Lake Mary Life readers – is scheduled for Thursday, September 14.

Thanks to Michelle, Rebuilding Life Esthetics now offers high-end skincare services, including treatment-focused facials, rejuvenation treatments, microblading, and individual eyelash extensions.

“This is everything I love to do,” says Michelle, a married mother of two who was a champion diver at Lake Mary High School in the mid-1990s. “Anyone who has problems with skin spots, aging skin, or acne would benefit from any of our rejuvenation treatments. But for some people, it’s just about self care – they come in for the pampering.”

Jeremy himself quickly became one of Michelle’s most satisfied customers.

“It’s a massage for your face,”Jeremy says of Michelle’s facials. “It’s so relaxing.”

“I’m definitely known for my massage techniques,” Michelle admits with a smile. “My clients typically fall asleep during my services.”

Jeremy, like Michelle, has also lost weight with Nuviva’s program, and he has kept those 50-plus pounds off for more than eight years.

“When I’m eating healthy, I feel great,” Jeremy says. “It’s about taking care of you. We don’t realize how much stress we put on ourselves on a daily basis, and sometimes we need help. And that’s what all of us are here for.”

Since Jeremy and Michelle have both had success with the Nuviva Medical Weight Loss program, they are 
 passionate about helping their patients achieve similar positive results.

Michelle went from working several years in Corporate America to getting married and staying home for 10 years to raise her children. During that time, she developed some autoimmune issues and skin problems, and her weight gain was the result of the medications that her doctors prescribed.

“I saw a rheumatologist, a urologist, an ENT specialist, and my primary care physician, but nothing was helping me,” Michelle says. “I wasn’t myself anymore. Then I decided to try Nuviva, and it was the antidote to all my issues. Their anti-inflammatory diet really helped me balance everything out.”

The Nuviva approach works because it is customized to the needs of each individual patient. All patients work with a doctor who specializes in weight loss to create a program that includes supplements, exercise, and nutrition.

“Regardless of whether you want to lose five pounds or 100, we can help every single person,” Jeremy says. “We also want our patients to walk out of here and feel like they are family and that we really care about them.”

But, for the people at Nuviva to take care of you, first you have to decide to take care of yourself by calling and making an appointment for a free consultation.

“You can’t give everyone else your best if you’re not at your best,” Michelle says. “You shouldn’t feel guilty for making yourself important. You shouldn’t feel guilty about a little pampering. We all deserve it!” 

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