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Focus Stories

Park Jewelers 2017

by Kevin Fritz

Featured Photo from Park Jewelers 2017

The most important thing Tony Tsirigotis wants his customers to know about Park Jewelers and its new location is that nothing has really changed, except the added space – and that was done with the customer in mind.

Park Jewelers offers the same impeccable customer service and quality merchandise, and the new showroom complements the experience perfectly.

Park Jewelers is still in the same plaza – Park Place at the intersection of International Parkway and 46A in Lake Mary. It’s just five doors down from Tony’s previous storefront. The new location looks and feels roomier, space that breeds privacy, confidentiality, and allows for more intimacy.

“Customers like privacy when buying jewelry, and we just didn’t have the space,” says Tony. “Jewelry is not just a purchase. It’s a very personal decision and takes careful consideration. It should be a great experience and we hope to make it memorable.”

The space may be new, but the family tradition at Park Jewelers remains.

“It took a family to build and a family to maintain,” Tony says of his store. “We are growing. Business is good. This area and the community have been great to us.”

Indeed, Tony and his staff have developed quite a following, helping customers choose the perfect piece of jewelry to match any occasion. At least once a day, a customer will stop by just to say hello – and grab a piece of chocolate they know is waiting on the counter.

Tony entered the jewelry business 34 years ago and never looked back. His success is based on personalized service and carrying a wide selection of inventory.

“We carry multiple lines, not just one,” Tony says. “We have everything and cater to everyone at all price points. We focus on taking care of the client, not taking them over budget. It’s not just about the sale for us. It’s about our client feeling great about their purchase and feeling proud to give it as a gift.”

The family-run business finds Tony working side-by-side with wife Sylvie and son Demetre.

“I love working with my family, and we work well together,” says Sylvie. “We pick up where the other leaves off. This ultimately gives our clients an even better shopping experience.”

Being the lone female at Park Jewelers, at times Sylvie’s role transforms from sales and office manager to model and advisor, providing a woman’s perspective when someone is trying to decide on a piece of jewelry.

“They look at it differently than I do,” she says of Tony and Demetre. “When I look at our jewelry, I think about personally wearing it.”

The future of Park Jewelers rests on the shoulders of Demetre, who turns 21 in January. The business is poised to grow with a new generation featuring Demetre’s peers, soon to be on the wedding circuit. Demetre knows engagement rings are where it all begins with many clients. That gift of love leads to wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby presents, and beyond, creating a customer for life.

“It’s fun,” Demetre says about engagement ring sales. “You get to meet one side first, usually him, then you get to meet her. It’s the biggest time of their lives.”

Coincidentally, Tony started in the business at the same age as his son. The big difference is that Tony simply took a job in an Altamonte Springs jewelry store in the 1980s, and he loved it. After his first year, he was committed to make the jewelry business his career.

“My interaction and relationships with clients is what I love most about my job,” says Tony.

Demetre, meanwhile, holds a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

“He is much more knowledgeable than I was,” smiles Tony.

“Growing up, I got to see what my dad did, but I didn’t get it,” says Demetre, a Lake Mary High School graduate. “But once I started working here, I loved it.”

He began to understand the history intrinsic in every piece of jewelry, the foundation of the industry.

Rounding out the staff is custom jeweler Matthew Willingham, who Sylvie describes as a genius. She notes that a big chunk of their work is jewelry transformation.

“Use what you have,” Sylvie encourages. “Jewelry is one thing you can do something with, keeping the most important elements and making it your own. It’s really a tribute to the person who gave you that piece of jewelry.” 

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