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Focus Stories

Pierce Custom Jewelers

by Laura Breen Galante

Featured Photo from Pierce Custom Jewelers

Master jeweler Lance Pierce is the creative genius behind the custom designs you’ll find at Pierce Custom Jewelers. He and his team have created a mecca for jewelry lovers at their Colonial TownPark showroom, and fans of Lance’s work now have an entirely new way to discover – and purchase – his latest creations. The store’s sparkly new website,, launched this past February.

“We’ve been working really hard on figuring out a new, modern way to connect with our clients,” says Lance’s wife Melissa, who recently left her corporate job after 17 years to join the family business full-time.

Melissa created and manages the website to facilitate relationships with new and existing clients. It’s all about making things simple.
“The fully functioning e-commerce website makes it easier for clients to interact with us,” Melissa says.

Everything on display in the physical showroom is featured on the website, which has tabs for fine jewelry and wedding jewelry, as well as a section devoted to Lance’s custom creations. Thanks to high-resolution photography, pieces on the website can be appreciated in even more detail than is possible with the naked eye. Each piece is photographed so that clients can zoom in to admire the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“It really allows you to get into the specifics of the piece itself and see how the stone is set,” explains Melissa. “When clients are making a purchase, they want to see how well the piece is made, and the website can show that.”

Each item has a complete description with information about the cut, carat, clarity, and setting. Links for coordinating pieces appear beneath the descriptions – for example, if clients are seeking a set of jewelry or want to pair a matching pendant with a ring, they will find them linked together.

“The website is a living, breathing entity,” says Melissa. As such, it is constantly being updated based on daily sales and always reflects the currently available inventory. Jewelry can be reserved for in-store viewing, purchased online for pick-up, or delivered directly to clients. The website also features a wish list, which can be created by a client and shared with a spouse, for example. Deliveries are discreet but beautifully packaged.

“Most of our clients are using the website as an additional tool to do research before they come into the store, but it’s bringing in new clients, as well,” Melissa says.

She recently met a new client who had been viewing a beautiful pendant online. Since it was a gift for his wife, the buyer was able to send the link to his daughters so they could weigh in before he made the purchase. They viewed the pendant on Facebook, Instagram, and researched Google reviews before making a decision. The family was so impressed, they made a unanimous choice in favor of the pendant before it was ever viewed in person.

“Based on our recent work in the digital realm, this family chose us,” says Melissa. “Since this is a trust business, we were really pleased.”
Another client recently viewed and reserved pieces online and made a quick stop at the store to complete the purchase.

“The site gives that added flexibility so the customer who is traveling a lot or just doesn’t have time to get in can still interact with us,” Melissa says.

Lance’s precise handiwork is on digital display. His custom pieces are continually being added to the site as he crafts them.

“Lance has an uncanny gift for talking to people,” says Melissa. “He has a way of drawing people out and connecting with them. It’s amazing because he can take that conversation and he can synthesize the whole thing down into a drawing, and when they walk in and see that drawing brought to life in an amazing piece of jewelry, they say, ‘Wow, I love it.’ This is the high-quality work that my husband does, and I’m tickled to death that we now have another avenue where we can properly showcase it. This is a happy place – we get to spread joy. We are known for our customer service, and we want to make the shopping experience as easy and as fun as possible for our clients.” 

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