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Focus Stories

Pierce Custom Jewelers 2020

by Kevin Fritz

Featured Photo from Pierce Custom Jewelers 2020

The Pierce family recognizes that what comes around goes around. And that doesn’t just pertain to the success Pierce Custom Jewelers in Lake Mary has enjoyed over these many years.

“It is more personal than just business,” explains Melissa Pierce, who owns and operates Pierce Custom Jewelers with her husband, Master Jeweler Lance. “Taking care of people is so important. It is our mantra to put much love out there because love will always come back to you.”

The key, says Melissa, is to always pay success forward. That’s no small order for the Pierce family. The Lake Mary community has been good to Pierce Custom Jewelers, and the showroom’s commitment to customer service, expertise, and high-quality merchandise continues to drive its extensive repeat and referral business. It’s up to Lance, Melissa, and their team to show their appreciation every day.

Melissa points to two recent occurrences revolving around the Pierce family that reaffirmed the faith in their beliefs about people, community, and destiny. Her first revelation occurred earlier this year when Melissa fell and hurt her foot. She was destined for months of hobbling around in a boot. Then, love happened.

“It was amazing how much love and support came our way,” Melissa recalls. “It was astounding.”

The most profound and perhaps spiritual offering of encouragement came from fellow small-business owner Roxane Mann of Walk on Water.

“She sent me a little care package, including a bracelet that said, ‘Expect Miracles,’” Melissa recalls. “My foot healed in three weeks when it should have taken two months.”

All in the Family
To know the Pierce clan is to know that everything they do involves family, both at work and at home.

“It’s all about our daughter, our brothers, sisters, parents, our dogs, our cats, and anyone else we decide to adopt!” Melissa says. “What is better than taking care of family?”

This summer, Pickles, one of the Pierces’ two Newfoundland dogs, needed surgery on her left knee. Any dog owner knows that surgery means anesthesia and the seemingly endless wait until the pup wakes up. Melissa posted about the experience on social media, and before she knew it, #TeamPickles was trending.

“It is incredible how much joy dogs bring to the community,” says Melissa.

And when Pickles was resting at home and not at the store, where she’s usually happily greeting customers from behind the counter, people took notice. When Lance walked their other Newfoundland, Ozzy, around the Colonial TownPark plaza, people stopped to ask why there was only one dog. When Pickles did return to work, fellow shop owners and clients came to visit. After Lance expressed concern that Pickles did not have much of an appetite, but needed to eat to take her antibiotics and heal from the surgery, nearby businesspeople came to the rescue, bringing food to tempt the recovering patient. Gary from Dexter’s and Dominic from Liam Fitzpatrick’s brought hamburgers and side orders of bacon. Carl from Woof Gang Bakery in Heathrow brought special cookies.

“It was so wonderful to have that love come back to Pickles,” Melissa beams. “We not only love our community and our customers, but all of the small businesses here. We pick each other up.”

Granted, we all get busy and sometimes forget why we are all here. For the Pierce family, it’s to help each other get through whatever may come on any given day. That’s why being in the moment is important. One never knows what each day will bring.

“Lance and I consider ourselves blessed on so many levels,” Melissa says. “We love living in Lake Mary and how beautiful it is. We love our clients, and we love our colleagues.”

With self-described deep-seated values at its base, Pierce Custom Jewelers deals in gratitude as much as it does in diamonds and gems.

“I am so grateful that so much love came back in the last few months,” says Melissa. “If you put it out there – and you have to be genuine – it does come back. It really does. It’s an affirmation that it will come full circle, as long as we keep that circle going.”

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