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Focus Stories

Skinology Medical Spa 2020

by Chip Colandreo

Featured Photo from Skinology Medical Spa 2020

When it comes to beautifying a woman’s skin, there’s no such thing as by the book.That’s why Selena Rocker decided to, ironically, write a book.

As the owner of Skinology Medical Spa in Oviedo, Selena knows firsthand that every woman is unique, and every woman’s skin requires a personalized plan of care and consideration to help her one-of-a-kind beauty shine through. Skinology has been providing just this kind of service in the Oviedo-Winter Springs community for more than a decade, and Selena’s goal is to help more and more of her clients and neighbors continue that quality of care at home.

“Many of the services we provide here at the spa can be complemented with medical-grade skincare products and treatments at home, but I noticed many of our clients just weren’t comfortable with that or had trouble doing it consistently,” says Selena. “It’s completely understandable – when you’re working with results-oriented products that involve a lot of medical science, it can seem intimidating. So, I wrote this book as a guide and a companion for safe, effective, consistent, at-home care.”

The result: The Beautiful Skin Project – The Equation for Healthy, Flawless Skin. The book doesn’t just include Selena’s guidance and expertise, though there is plenty of that. It’s designed to be an interactive journal that clients can fill out as they embark on an at-home journey to reveal their most beautiful skin. Clients begin by identifying a goal for their skin and assigning a time frame for that goal. The book recommends and is set up for a 150-day transformation.

“Once clients know what they want to accomplish, the book guides them through the proper products to choose and explains why it’s important to use medical-grade products – and use them consistently – for the safest, best results,” says Selena, who wrote the book in consultation with her husband, Dr. Jeffry Rocker, Skinology’s medical director.

As readers fill out their journal, they are guided every step of the way by Selena’s easy-to-understand instructions with plenty of perspective about what’s happening and what to expect from their skin.

“It can seem complicated, but in fact it’s very easy once you have the knowledge,” says Selena. “It becomes a habit and, therefore, a lifestyle to continue your at-home skincare for prevention and maintenance. Depending on the client’s goal, there are different a.m. and p.m. skincare routines, and the journal helps set clients’ expectations for the way their skin should react to the treatments.”

Setting expectations and forming habits is critical, according to Selena. Revitalizing the skin is like working out at the gym – consistency is the key. The subtitle of Selena’s book says it all: Knowledge + Application = Transformation. Selena provides the knowledge, and the book keeps clients on track with application. And like any good workout, there are expected and natural side effects.

“Many times, clients try these methods at home but stop because they noticed redness or because something didn’t feel right,” says Selena. “Clients often think these are allergic reactions, and that’s why they stop. But those are usually signs that the products are working as intended. That’s why the book is so helpful. I walk clients through the process, laying out expected side effects. If they feel or see particular changes, they know it’s working as it’s supposed to, and they keep moving forward with consistency.

“The workout metaphor is perfect,” Selena continues. “When you go to the gym for a great workout, you’re often sore the next day. We don’t consider the soreness an allergic reaction. We know it’s our muscles growing stronger. Our skin is exactly the same way. The book gives clients reassurance and confidence through every step of the process.”

The Beautiful Skin Project will eventually be available via Amazon and can be purchased at Skinology, but Selena is also planning to make it available as a PDF clients can download and print right at home, if that’s what they prefer.

“The book is a guide to help correct skin concerns by educating clients about the right ingredients and science-based products and then keeping clients on track to apply the products consistently,” says Selena. “That will deliver results to help them feel better about themselves and gain more self confidence. They will be able to maintain their results and prevent other concerns from happening if they form the right habits. It’s the perfect complement to what we do at Skinology.”

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