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Their Cups Runneth Over

Featured Photo from Their Cups Runneth Over

In the September/October 2018 issue of Lake Mary Life, we introduced the community to Palate Coffee Brewery, a volunteer-run coffee shop in Sanford that donates 100 percent of its profits to fight human trafficking. With the launch of a second Palate Coffee cafe in Oviedo and the opening of a safehouse for at-risk children in Guyana, it’s time to check in again with Palate founder Tina Kadolph to learn how local coffee lovers are helping women all over the world, one tasty cup at a time.

In 2000, human trafficking survivor Tina Kadolph and her husband Carl started Love Missions, a local nonprofit organization that combats modern-day slavery through educational seminars, speaking engagements, ongoing projects, mission work, and, most recently, the social enterprise known as Palate Coffee Brewery.

“Everything we do is about people, not profit – it’s about helping others,” says Tina, who wants her neighbors to know Central Florida is a global epicenter of human trafficking. “My hope is that people will look at my life and all the work the organization is doing and see what is possible. I came from this ugly darkness, but I chose to move away from that darkness and into the light. It was hard, and it’s a journey, but no matter where you come from or what’s happened to you, you can have a good life.”
Tina and her devoted family members, community supporters, and Love Missions volunteers are working together on a string of exciting initiatives. Here’s a roundup of some exciting news and a preview of what’s to come:

Palate Coffee Brewery Opens Second Location in Oviedo

The most impactful Love Missions venture to date is the Kadolphs’ family-run Sanford coffee shop, Palate Coffee Brewery, which donates all of its profits to support trafficking victims, survivors, and at-risk women and children. 

After four years of success in downtown Sanford, Palate is excited to announce its second location at the Canterbury Retreat Center in Oviedo.

“Opening a second location in Oviedo is an opportunity that came to us,” says Tina. “The retreat center loves the work we are doing, and we love their beautiful location and mission. It was a perfect fit. If you want a delicious cup of coffee and a place to be at peace, our Oviedo location is the place to be.”

With a serene view of Lake Gem as its backdrop and the chance to sit with nature, the new Oviedo coffee shop is a small replica of the flagship cafe in Sanford and is also staffed entirely by volunteer baristas who serve to educate customers about Love Missions and its efforts.

Ice Cream in the Front, Life Center in the Back

While running two local coffee shops and supporting a safehouse abroad may already seem like a lot to juggle, Love Missions is just warming up.

“It’s still in my heart to do more for people, especially on the local level,” says Tina. “When a commercial kitchen space across the street from Palate in Sanford became available, I knew we had to get it, even though we didn’t know what we were going to do with it!”

But, like Tina said, she knew she had to do more. After tossing around lots of ideas, Tina and her daughter and business partner Katrina came up with Palate Bub’s Ice Cream Shop, a bubble-waffle ice-cream business. Profits from the shop will support The Life Center located at the back of the building, which offers job-skills training in culinary arts, baking, and cake decorating to trafficking survivors. The training facility also hopes to offer therapy services and classes in sewing and jewelry making, both of which helped Tina cope during a dark period in her life.

In the near future, Tina and her husband Carl plan to train survivors locally and abroad to start their own businesses. It’s another step towards freedom and independence that Love Missions hopes to foster in others.

“Life might be insane right now with everything going on, but we’re doing all we can to make our projects successful and help those who need it most,” says Tina. “I didn’t know I could be a businessperson. I didn’t think I had the capability. For me, it was God and Carl encouraging me to move forward with my hopes and dreams. I’m taking what happened in my life and using it for good.”

The Sunflower House in Guyana

After years of hard work, setbacks, and mission trips to the South American nation of Guyana, Love Missions has opened The Sunflower House, a safehouse for children ages 4 to 11.

“So many have helped us get to this place: churches, businesses, and individuals – and lots of mission teams and donations,” Tina says. “When we were putting the finishing touches on the house this July, I cried tears of joy all the way through it. A shell of a building has been turned into a beautiful home.”

The Sunflower House is now home to eight children and a house mom, who also happens to be a nurse. Not even the local pastors in Guyana could believe the divine timing of finding the right person to do such an all-consuming job. 

“We had different teams paint sunflowers on the outside of the building,” says Tina. “Each sunflower has its own personality, just like the person who painted it, just like the children who will live in the house. I love it so much.”

For more information about Love Missions, visit its website, If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer barista at one of Palate Coffee Brewery’s locations, visit

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